Frederick & Laura - San Juan Capistrano Mission Wedding

Frederick and Laura are married! And they did it in style at the ever popular San Juan Capistrano Mission. It was a warm Winter day in Southern California of course. Enjoy these highlights!

The ladies started off at the Ritz Carlton in Dana Point.

Stafford-70Stafford-11 Stafford-13 Stafford-48Stafford-16 Stafford-21 Stafford-26 Stafford-27 Stafford-28 Stafford-47 Stafford-75 Stafford-80 Stafford-82 Stafford-84 Stafford-112Stafford-93 Stafford-94 Stafford-98 A blessing from mom and dad.Stafford-103 Stafford-136 Stafford-137

The gentlemen started off at their beautiful home in Laguna Hills (which was also the reception site).Stafford-164Stafford-159Stafford-162Stafford-172Stafford-178Stafford-184Stafford-186Stafford-189Stafford-194here comes the bride-1Stafford-274Stafford-277Stafford-293Stafford-306Stafford-337Stafford-432Stafford-433

Time for a little romance at the San Juan Capistrano Mission.Stafford-486Stafford-492Stafford-506Stafford-516Stafford-522

And we wrapped it up back at their place for an evening reception poolside (and no, no one went for an unexpected swim).Stafford-540Stafford-550

Customized wine bottles.Stafford-580And fresh brick oven pizzas.Stafford-597Stafford-638Stafford-640Stafford-642Stafford-652Stafford-742Stafford-703Stafford-702Stafford-706Stafford-753Stafford-755Stafford-822Stafford-831Stafford-833Stafford-835Stafford-841

 Congratulations to Frederick and Laura!