Name your price portrait sessions are back!

It's summer and that means it's time for the NAME YOUR PRICE PORTRAIT SESSIONS!

For those of you who haven't participated in this special before, allow me to explain. Here's the details:

I can either accept your price and it's a done deal or I can negotiate a new price.
•Sessions are one hour on location of your (or my) choosing.
Location must be within 40 miles of Huntington Beach (unless agreed otherwise).
It can be just you, a couple, a whole family, your kids, your dogs (whomever!).
If it's a weekday you have a better chance of me accepting your price.
The closer to Huntington Beach the location is the more likely I will accept your price.
You are responsible for any fees or permissions required to use the location.
Special runs during summer only.
•Limit one family per session
A regular portrait session is $275 with download access (to give you an idea of the pricing).
A private website for viewing and sharing is included.
•Oh, and we have to have fun...
EMAIL to submit your bid! Make sure to mention the special!