Sequoia National Park

It's kind of been one crazy Summer (80's movie reference here: so I'm playing catch up with some blog posts. I started it off with a trip to Sequoia National Park in late April. I arrived in Sequoia National Park to Summer temperatures but woke up to a foot of fresh snow the next day. I didn't expect to have to shove the car door open to get out in the morning.  It was quite the experience. Because of the heavy snow I was limited to a narrow range of geography options to photograph.  I spent most of my time either near the Lodgepole campground or along the Generals Highway where it was plowed.  The thing that made up for the lack of travel was the dynamics of having fresh snow all around.  The place is quite different from the green forest you find in most photos.

Here's a handful of those images. Enjoy!

Tall Triplets, Sequoia National Park, Ca.

These Giant Sequoias can be found in the aptly named Giant Forest along Generals Highway. Having fresh snow changes the dynamics completely.

The Tall Ones, Sequoia National Park, Ca.

Here's an example of what it looks like to drive through the Giant Forest.

Mini Among Giants, Sequoia National Park, California.

Near the Lodgepole Campground you'll find the Kaweah river. After the snow storm it made for a nice river stroll the next morning for sunrise.

winter snow


Snowy Sunrise, Sequoia National Park, California.