Welcome to the new website/blog!!!

Welcome everyone!  If this is your first time visiting my website or blog you might be scratching your head about why I'm so excited - but if you've seen the old versions, you know why!  I think this is a major upgrade for me and my work and hopefully you'll agree.  This website has been over a year in the making so I'm really excited to finally have this project finished.

Have a look around, there's new images in the galleries, the about section is new - heck pretty much everything got an (long overdue) overhaul.  So have a look around and tell me what you think! Thanks! And thanks for being a part of my adventure - whether it's as simple as you just visiting to check out my work, you're giving me feed back on the new site or you're one of my clients - as it says in my profile, photography is something we do together. So thank you for your part!

Anyhow, in the spirit of what to expect on my new blog and website, here's some recent images I'd like to share.  Enjoy!

Cathedral Peak and Cathedral Lakes area, Yosemite National Park.

Clearing storm over Cathedral Peak and lake at Sunset Panoramic

Here's a Cathedral shot after dark.

Cathedral Lake and reflection at night beneath the stars, Yosemite National Park, Ca.

Mono Lake, Ca.

Mono Lake stormy sunset about Tufa formations

Lately I've been obsessed with shooting close ups with my iPhone.

iphone close up of Bumble Bee

Janine & Bobbi's engagement shoot.

Janine & Bobbi embracing at the beach same sex engagement shoot

Bobbi & Janine's wedding.

The Gonzalez's family portrait.

First Birthday

Twilight at Cathedral Peak and the meadow at Lower Cathedral Lake.

Cathedral Meadow Twilight, Cathedral Peak, Yosemite National Park, Ca.

Kelsey and Mike's first dance at their wedding.

Barn First Dance Sepia

Elephant Seals Sparring near San Simeon, Ca.

When Elephant Seals Attack

And here's my award winning (runner up) Octopus image from the Aquarium of the Pacific Photographers Night 2013.


These are just a few examples of the work you'll find here. Stay connected and subscribe by email for all the updates and my latest images! Follow me on Facebook and other social media sites with the icons below. Thanks for stopping by!  And check back here once in a while - it's going to be an exciting new year!

And if you're looking for all my old blog content (2013 and before) you can find that here.