Best of 2013 - MOMENTS - This year's photographs in review

And finally, here is my best of 2013 - moments in photographs!  AKA - people photography.  Everything from newborn babies to weddings.  These moments are special - not only to the people involved but also to me.  They are great moments - check it out!  What's your favorite?

Mom & two hour old baby Phoebe getting to know each other face to face.


Cowboy and crescent Moon. Cowboy & Moon

Phoebe taking in the new world.Phoebe-136-baby-newborn

Bride congratulating her daughter on a great speech. Wedding_Becker_Cochran-1163

Holding hands for the first time.Phoebe-143-baby-newborn

Proud Dad. Phoebe-80-baby-newborn

Two hours old. Phoebe-57-baby-newborn

Now that's a first look! First look-Wedding_Becker_Cochran-227

Mom and baby Aubrey. Mother Holding Baby

Steven & Brianna's wedding. Bride & Groom Fun

Rochelle & Eros. Bride & Groom Sunset Walk

A new happy family - thank you California!bride-Wedding_Becker_Cochran-1791-2

Happy Family

Jazmin & Jordan. Bride & Groom Moment

Jace's first birthday.Dodger Blue

Baby Aubrey's first photo shoot.Pink Baby

Stacy & LeVell.Country Club Wedding

Mike & Kelsey's first dance - in the barn.Barn First Dance Sepia

Colorful bride.Under the Wedding Dress

Bride, Groom & 57 Chevy. Bride & Groom & 57 Chevy

Janine & Bobbi's wedding.bride-Wedding_becker_cochran_1769-2

Backyard wedding.Backyard Wedding Swing

Thanks for visiting! Like I always say, photography is something we do TOGETHER. If I had no one to do their thing in front of the camera I wouldn't have a I thank you!

2014 is sure to be a great one so make sure you check back periodically for new work - or better yet, subscribe with your email address at the top of the page for updates!

Happy New Years!